About Us

We have been designing and working in the world of luxury couture embroidery


Karigar ethos

The art of embellishing garments to style them uniquely goes back to ancient times. Karigar focuses on handmade embroidery and aggrandizement. With humble beginnings catering to the local markets, Karigar always was visioned for greater scope and reach. With the expanse of business, we then started our focus on international clients who welcomed us very encouragingly. Soon our vision turned into reality and today we are synonymous with most of the leading fashion design houses.


Our facilities in Mumbai are capable of handling Multi-dimensional products with heavy appliqué, patterns and embroideries. We are currently exporting embroidered fabrics/accessories to U.S.A., Europe and the Middle East.

Karigar has twenty captive ateliers with a capacity of 50 to 70 artisans per unit to facilitate seamless production cycles.

Inspiration is everywhere – infused and borderless. With innovation and inventiveness by our side, we continually pursue design revolutions. The rich art of hand craft is rare and exclusive to a few parts of the world.

At Karigar, it is imperative for us to continually learn and update our know-how of this expertise. As a leading fine crafts’ manufacturer, we are on the pulse of ever-changing global style and fashion needs.

Karigar creates the ideal environment to fuel innovation. Inspired by the past, the present and the future, it is our endeavor to preserve by-gone techniques and hone them to emerge in our innovation.
Our close-knit research team traverses the length and breadth of far-flung territories to source the finest embroidery techniques as well as raw materials. Karigar research and design endeavors are also supported by sourcing experts, who help in the creation of exclusive bespoke raw materials that are interwoven with our authentic hand work and unique design.
At Karigar we constantly invest into research with a vision to provide an oasis of inspiration for our family of clients.

Our Team

For over 20 years, we have been blending traditional know-how with innovative use of materials and techniques with our team of experts and artisans.

India is home to some of the best embroiders in the world. Our artisans are the true treasures of the Karigar atelier. We are proud to support and promote the art of these master craftsmen. By respecting traditional techniques, and providing a platform that promotes innovation and creativity, we are able to weave the past into the future. We are committed to nurturing and preserving these skills and techniques that might otherwise be lost to machines and automation.

Our Facilities

Our Factory is BSCI approved and has in-house first aid and firefighting equipment. All safety devices are there on machines and in the factory premises. We are a socially complaint factory and strictly follow all local labor laws to ensure that the workers are provided healthy & happy working environment.

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