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Artists & Experts in the craft of intricate Handmade Indian Embroidery

Exquisite Handmade Embroidery

An enchanting journey spanning over two decades in the art of skillful traditional handmade embroidery creating exclusive designs for the haute couture.

Who are We
Karigar is an artistic handmade embroidery atelier based in Mumbai India, working with top fashion houses across Europe, Japan, and the US, committed to nurturing and promoting the fine art of Indian handmade embroidery.

Our emphasis on offering premium finishes and exclusivity, has woven us as “a partner of choice” with some of the most renowned fashion labels in the world. ​

Design at our Essence

Our design studio is at the heart of what we create at Karigar. Dedicated teams of in-house designers translate concepts into exquisite works in tune to our client’s requirements.

Make your designs come alive

Get the luxury of handmade for fashion and lifestyle.